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About me: Justin Varnes

Justin VarnesBorn in Jacksonville, FL, I studied at the University of North Florida and then moved to New York to study at the New School. In New York, I toured with Phoebe Snow, with whom I performed on the Roseanne Barr Show with Michael McDonald, Madison Square Garden, and National Public Radio's "World Café."

Currently residing in Atlanta, GA, I regularly perform with my own quartet, was tapped for work as part of the Earl Klugh Trio, and am a top call sideman for touring artists throughout the Southeast.

I have performed with Mose Allison, Wessell Anderson, Kenny Barron, Peter Bernstein, Don Braden, Ann Hampton Callaway, Five for Fighting, Gavin DeGraw, Victor Goines, Wycliffe Gordon, Vincent Herring, Kevin Hays, Kevin Mahogany, Tony Monaco, Marcus Printup, Bob Reynolds, Lew Soloff, David Sanchez, Ira Sullivan, Sachal Vasandani, and Jimmy Vivino.

In addition to a performing career, I teach at several schools and universities in Atlanta, as well as being heavily involved in teaching jazz to youth groups such as the Rialto Youth Jazz Orchestra, Rialto Jazz for Kids, and Young Audiences.

I am currently on faculty at the highly-acclaimed Lovett School (where I help the "Ellington Band" prepare for such competitions as Lincoln Center's Essentially Ellington and Swing Central), Interplay Jazz & Arts, and the Hilton Head Junior Jazz Foundation.

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